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soft flavored with spices and marinated carefully teeth in Vietnam

soft flavored with spices and marinated carefully teeth in Vietnam, it is best to avoid gum loss due to missing teeth. Digestion of the jaw will lead to loss of support of the cheek, leading to facial deformity and serious damage to the aesthetic. For conventional dental implant methods such as bridging or removable dentures, as there is no pin plug directly into the jaw area, a period of time after the loss of teeth, the jaw bone will drain. Suck, cheeks, facial deformation. For implant dentures, artificial limbs in the bone to avoid bone loss of the jaw, on the other hand, the direct link between the bone and the root implant also prevent bone loss and loss of tooth loss on the teeth, When the implant has integrated the bone, it will have better endurance than real teeth perfect aesthetics

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Dental implants are a major growth in dentistry and are recommended by dental specialists for tooth loss. Technique of dental implant has many advantages over traditional methods of planting teeth, so it is becoming a trend in dentistry treatment. vietnam dentist prices

In cases where the x-rays do not show infection in the root of the tooth or bacteria attack the pulp chamber, the dentist will perform the filling procedure. The dentist will start using the drill to remove the infected part of the tooth.

After cleaning the new area, the dentist will fill the gap with the composite. For aesthetic and economic reasons, composite is the preferred material for chewing. Composite is applied to the teeth by halogen light. This allows the composite to harden and stabilize. The last step is to sculpt the seal so that it matches the bite of the tooth.

Shelf life of Implant teeth Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Dental implant is a new method to restore the missing teeth to ensure the function of chewing food as real teeth, bring good teeth, healthy and beautiful nature.

The implant is made of Titanium, which is placed directly on the jaw to replace the missing tooth root, which is durable with time, does not irritate the gums, … and permanently exists as an integral part of the body. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Compared with conventional prosthetic restoration or porcelain bridging need to replace after a period of use, the durability of dental implants can last for more than 30-35 years, even useable whole life.  This method removes the nerves in the pulp chamber by cleaning it and attaching it to special dental materials to prevent the infection from recurring. With root canal therapy, you can preserve your teeth without having to spit or restore dental porcelain.

The first implant was made in Sweden in 1965. After 40 years of dental implant still exist and eat chewable although many real teeth have fallen due to age. This implant has existed throughout the life of this patient. cấy răng implant

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